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  1. Can I apply the upgrade to multiple apps?

  2. Can I use Bluetooth headphones?

  3. Does each app have just one script?

  4. How can I install the MP3 audios on a mobile device?

  5. How can I see what I've purchased in the past?

  6. How do I enable Health app integration for Mindful Minutes? [iOS]

  7. How do I listen to just the background sounds?

  8. How do I play multiple apps in succession?

  9. How do I reinstall an iOS app?

  10. How do I rewind or fast forward?

  11. How do I stop/pause the audio? [iOS]

  12. How do I turn off the instructions/introduction?

  13. How does hypnosis work?

  14. How long will it take to notice changes?

  15. How to reboot an iOS device

  16. I bought a bundle in the past, but now it's saying I didn't purchase the upgrade

  17. I love this app!!!!

  18. I need a topic you don't offer

  19. I only hear the voice, not the background sound

  20. I previously paid for the app, but I was charged again

  21. I tapped Restore In-App Purchase, but it says I haven't upgraded

  22. I upgraded an app on my phone. How do I get the upgrade applied on another device?

  23. I upgraded one of the free apps in the past, but now it's asking me to pay again

  24. If I restore the upgrade, will I be charged again?

  25. Instructions for Use

  26. Is the audio available in MP3 format?

  27. Is the upgrade a monthly subscription?

  28. It says I haven't purchased this app before, but I have

  29. My app is exhibiting strange behavior [iOS]

  30. My app is stuck installing or updating [iOS]

  31. My credit card was charged more than the app price

  32. The app triggers Siri unexpectedly

  33. The Hypnotic/Sleep Booster won't work

  34. The volume is too low or I can't hear anything

  35. We have a Family Sharing iTunes account and I can't restore the upgrade

  36. What if I fall asleep while listening?

  37. What is included in the upgrade?

  38. What is the "Restore In-App Purchase" button?

  39. What is the Booster and how does it work?

  40. What is the difference between the free and "Pro" versions?

  41. What other hypnosis topics do you offer?

  42. What's the best way to use multiple topics/apps?

  43. What's the difference between the inductions in the sleep app?

  44. Why is the script for the Self-Esteem app so different from the others?

  45. Will hypnosis work better/faster if I listen more often?

  46. Will I lose control while I'm under hypnosis?

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