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Can I apply the upgrade to multiple apps?

Each of our free apps has its own upgrade. When you upgrade one app, the upgrade is not transferable to another app. In fact, it's not technologically possible for non-recurring in-app purchases (i.e., in-app purchases that are not for recurring subscriptions) to be shared among separate apps.

Our belief is that offering the core hypnosis features for free and reserving other features for a paid upgrade gives you the greatest possible flexibility to try the app and see if it meets your needs; none of our competitors offer the ability to listen to the audio before purchasing their different topics. So although it may seem as though you're purchasing the features, you're actually paying to unlock the trial state of each app.

If you prefer to continue using the app in trial mode, know that you will receive full benefit from the hypnosis, even without the convenience of the premium features.

About the Premium Features

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