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What is included in the upgrade?

Each of our free apps begins in trial mode, and includes an in-app purchase that adds additional features and convenience. In trial mode, you can listen to the entire audio session an unlimited number of times and receive full benefit. Once upgraded, the features are equivalent to the pro version.

The premium features that are unlocked with the upgrade include:
  • Enable the Hypnotic Booster (aka the Sleep Booster in the Sleep Well app). The Hypnotic Booster uses a technology called binaural beats to induce your brainwaves into a frequency that will deepen your trance and make you more receptive to hypnotic suggestions.
  • Disable Audio Instructions
  • Disable Awaken at End so you can drift off to sleep when listening at bedtime.
  • Choose a different background sound
  • Automatically repeat or loop the audio
  • Continue background sounds for a period of time after the voice session ends
Our belief is that offering the core hypnosis features for free in trial mode and reserving other features for a paid upgrade gives you the greatest possible flexibility to try the app and see if it meets your needs. If you choose to continue using the app in its trial state, know that you will receive full benefit from the hypnosis, even without the convenience of the premium features.

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