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Instructions for Use

For Your Safety

Never listen to this recording during any activity that requires your full attention, such as driving.

Consult with your physician or other health care professional before undertaking any diet or exercise program.

The content and services provided by this Application are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never rely on information on this Application in place of seeking professional medical advice.

Application Settings

Audio Instructions

You can disable the audio instructions that precede the hypnotic session in the Settings tab.

Hypnotic Booster

A powerful feature in our apps is the Hypnotic Booster (a.k.a., Sleep Booster in our Sleep Well app), which is a special combination of sound frequencies (a slightly different one for each ear) that will make you more receptive to suggestion. You can enable the Hypnotic Booster under the Settings tab, and you can adjust its volume on the main Listen screen. You must use headphones or earbuds to experience the benefit of the hypnotic booster. When it’s enabled, you’ll hear a gentle hum. Set the volume so the hum is just barely audible. A higher volume does not increase its effect, and you may find the higher volume distracting. It’s perfectly fine to listen to the Hypnotic Booster along with the background music or nature sounds. Read more…

Awaken at End

You can listen to this recording at any time of day, including bedtime. If you want to drift off to sleep after the end of the session, disable the Awaken at End feature under the Settings tab.

Choosing Background Music

In addition to the voice audio, the background sounds are carefully designed to deepen your state of relaxation. In the Settings tab, you can choose from a variety of relaxing music or nature sounds, or disable the background sounds altogether.

Delay Ending

The Delay Ending feature will continue the background sounds for the specified period of time after the voice session ends. This can be helpful if you’d like a more gradual transition out of the hypnotic state.

Play Count

To repeat the voice session automatically, set Play Count to 2, 3, or Loop. Loop will cause the voice session to loop indefinitely, so it’s recommended that you use this setting when the device is plugged in to a power source.

Do Not Disturb

To avoid electronic interruptions, enable your device’s Do Not Disturb feature.

Support & FAQs

The Support & FAQs link in the Interact tab includes answers to the most common questions. You can also contact us via the “Send us a message” link at the top of the Feedback & Support screen.

Ensure Success by Sharing Your Goal

Studies show that sharing your goals with your support network is vital to achieving success. Use the tools in the Interact tab to let others know you’d like their support.

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